Tuesday, November 07, 2006

All quiet on the IT front

I've been a good boy. For one full week now!

And I haven't heard a peep from IT since October 31st, which is certainly a good thing, because I'm pretty sure my boss will flip out on me if he gets another IT call anytime soon.

The only remnant on my computer of the Firefox war is a quicklaunch icon on my desktop that points to my USB drive (the one my boss gave me--the one with no programs on it). I named it "I feel like a star!" with the shortcut comment "Thanks for watching!"

My apology letter was shockingly sent to IT without modification at the end of last week. I was pretty confident that my boss was going to edit it--because he told me he was going to edit it--but in the end, he felt it was good enough. I'm a little disappointed I didn't put more effort into it now...

So, what now? My Manifesto established a number of subjects that I could blog about at length, but that would be somewhat redundant. Not that redundancy will stop me, as it doesn't hurt to lend my voice to the cause of rationality.

But why keep a blog when nobody is reading? And do I want people reading anyway? It's one thing for family and friends to stop by because I told them about this blog, but what if someone from the IT department came upon this blog by chance? I have not shared this blog with anyone at work, since I really don't want the URL showing up in any of our IT internet reports, even though it is my co-workers that would enjoy the subject matter of my inaugural story the most.

What would happen if IT found this blog, anyway? I'm sure they'd be angry and file a complaint with my boss, who would in turn become angry and confront me about it, but I don't exactly work for a company that is known for disciplining employees. And it's not like I have done anything wrong. No breaches of security or confidentiality--although I'm certain I'd have to argue the latter point. No discussions of the work we do. No badmouthing of particular employees (well... except for my old boss). No mention whatsoever of the company that I work for. I just told a true story about IT silliness. On my personal time. What's so bad about that?

Well, I hope I don't have to find out the answer to that last question. For now, I will carry on doing what I'm doing. I didn't start this blog because I hope to have hundreds of readers visiting every day to see my latest posts on atheism or politics or Battlestar Galactica--I created (and maintain) this blog because it's a great way to vent at the end of a frustrating day at work...

("Why not vent in a less public manner?" is a fair question that I can't really provide a good answer to.)

If there is actually anyone out there reading this, please feel free to stop by again soon... maybe there will actually be something worth reading the next time.

Oh, before I log off for the day, PZ Myers at Pharyngula has put out the call to all freethinkers to help choose a symbol for the freethought movement:

Freethought Symbology

My vote is for Affinity:

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